Primebuild are proud to announce our 'Canvas For London' initiative!

This plan is to to allow Artists to be able to display their work across London on our Primebuild hoardings. The goal is to help bring to light young artists work in the public eye while turning mundane building hoardings into something beautiful. 

Our first Artist is Joshua Richardson who is an illustrator based in Hackney. Make sure to check out his work:

Here are some words about Josh's 'Project Plural' which is currently being displayed at two of our sites - one in Wimbledon (SW19 8PB) and the other in Holland Park (W11 4PU): 

"This project is a starting point for a collection of books for children, adults, lovers of art, wildlife and conservation, and the English language. My goal is to help bring to light the ongoing importance of animal conservation, to educate children and adults through humorous illustrations and unearth all of the forgotten collective nouns.My initial proposal is to create a Children’s A-Z book of animal collective nouns to be used as a fun learning tool. Furthermore, I am looking to pair each illustration with a short light hearted poem.I think that animal conservation campaigns often guilt trip people into donating by showing the worst animal cruelty that ultimately makes people feel helpless. I want this campaign to celebrate the animals and words we are lucky enough to have and I feel that education is key. The more we can teach our generation about the link between our language and wildlife the more we can influence the future of endangered animals."


The hoarding panel artwork was digitally printed and expertly installed by Lavastar who we have worked with now on a number of projects.