HomeMade Modern

Run by Ben UyedaHomeMade Modern is a DIY website that showcases easy to make products for the home. With plenty of concrete / copper / marble / wood the products are really well selected and on trend. Each episode gives easy to follow steps, the tools required and the cost of the materials... so really anyone can get involved 

Its great to have seen it grow so much over the last few years and to see Bens continued inspiration by bringing out new products for people to build so freqeuntly

Be sure to check out his twitter - https://twitter.com/benuyeda and instagram - https://instagram.com/benjaminuyeda/



Weltevree | Groundfridge

The people over at Weltevree have come up with another fantastic product... the Groundfridge

Created by Floris Schoonderbeek, the Groundfridge is a modern approach to the traditional root cellar. The 'fridge' is installed below the ground, with none of the excavated soil wasted as it is then reused on top of the Groundfridge. Using principles that go back centuries, it uses the insulating properties of the soil to keep the food cool below ground

It shares the same volume as 20 refrigerators (3000litres) which would typically need 6620kWh to power for a year . It keeps food at 10degrees and does not rely on electricity to function

Beautifully designed, innovative thinking... values which are at the heart of all their products

We have posted before, and proudly own, Weltevrees Outdooroven... with the Groundfridge now on our wish-list. There are plenty of other products on their site worth checking out: http://www.weltevree.nl/ENG/home 

London Extensions....

I spend a lot of time looking through various websites and magazines for recently completed projects. One thing that's hard to find is a place dedicated to London projects (let us know if you know anywhere...)

With that in mind.... we will try and showcase the good work Architects and Builders are doing here in London more on this blog. To get up us and running, here are 5 of our favourites... A lot of these were completed a few years ago but its nice to look at them again!

1 | The Jewell Box

Fraher Architects completed the renovation and extension of this Grade II listed building in the Colebrook Row conservation area. Timber and concrete are used throughout that wrap around the fabric of the building. A green flower roof was added to the rear extension roof which we are fond of here at Primebuild having done something similar on our Eco Shed

2 | The Jewell Box

Johnathan Tuckey Design refurbished and renovated this semi detached property in Kensal Rise. The stand out feature for us is the wonderfully designed wooden lattice ceiling and matching partition which frames the rear extension seamlessly

3 | Chelsea Town House 

Moxon Architects renovated, added a new top floor, and rear extension to this Grade II listed building in Chelsea. We like the details between the glazing and the existing stock bricks which integrate perfectly between old and new.. .whilst appreciating the time it takes to get these details right and the floor finish levels between inside and out. The limed oak carpentry works well with the large open white walls, with a similar palette to our completed job in Stevenage Road SW6

4 | Book Tower House 

Platform 5 Architects transformed this house in North London. Like some of the others on list, there is also some great carpentry and craftsmanship on show internally. The extension itself has a lovely lean to glass roof with timber supports inside which rest on an exposed brick wall. 

5 | Concrete inside and out

Studio Gill created this extension in east London and brought the garden and kitchen together by running the concrete worktop both inside and out. We are big fans of plywood, which is hard not to miss nowadays, and there are some fine examples of its use for bookcases throughout the house. A fantastic development which was deservedly rewarded with a shortlist for a RIBA award 


Superfront are a company based in Sweden who make handles, cabinet fronts, tops, sides, legs etc. that fit the most common ikea cabinets. A nice way to enhance any ikea product!

They have a fantastic range of products, with plenty of brass, copper, marble and leather on show. 

We recently used them for a project we carried out in Fulham and were very impressed with the quality of the materials. The brass handle and leather d-handle are the ones we used