Weltevree | Groundfridge

The people over at Weltevree have come up with another fantastic product... the Groundfridge

Created by Floris Schoonderbeek, the Groundfridge is a modern approach to the traditional root cellar. The 'fridge' is installed below the ground, with none of the excavated soil wasted as it is then reused on top of the Groundfridge. Using principles that go back centuries, it uses the insulating properties of the soil to keep the food cool below ground

It shares the same volume as 20 refrigerators (3000litres) which would typically need 6620kWh to power for a year . It keeps food at 10degrees and does not rely on electricity to function

Beautifully designed, innovative thinking... values which are at the heart of all their products

We have posted before, and proudly own, Weltevrees Outdooroven... with the Groundfridge now on our wish-list. There are plenty of other products on their site worth checking out: http://www.weltevree.nl/ENG/home